The messiest part of change is not the beginning or the end, but the middle, when you are knee deep in a project that has gone a little sideways and the only way through it is through it. There may be a lot of challenges, but the good news is that there is always a solution to each and every one.

This is where I found myself last week when I began a landscaping project. Working as my own contractor, I researched companies who could build the fence I wanted. I found one I liked, hired them and then waited for the start date. Apparently, they had their own start date in mind. One day I pulled up to the house, and there they were, men digging holes … in all the wrong places.

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Marketing Strategy

Your website, emails, and social media efforts need to connect with customers faster than ever in a noisy marketplace. It’s my passion to craft your unique story across all platforms to cut through the noise, get your story out, and attract your ideal clients.


My team and I have worked closely with many of the top brands in the events industry since 1999. Through mindful marketing campaigns and clever strategy, we’ve taken them to the next level in their business.


Content Creation

Today, it takes great online content to build your reputation. Blog posts, social media updates, emails and newsletters – all need writing that is clear, exciting and on target. As an award-winning writer, it’s my passion to deliver great content — today’s currency for success.

Marketing is the passion that drives me and strategy is my fuel! Contact me for a free assessment of your marketing materials and get usable ideas for revving up your business now.

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