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Lately, I’ve been inundated with online webinars and workshops for increased productivity, how to use Instagram to sell and growth hacking. Yet, I see none on how to reinvent ourselves. We need reinvention so we stay in step with the world, which is changing quickly. As James Altucher reminds us in “Reinvent Yourself,” Picasso reinvented himself every five years, and Elon Musk and Richard Branson are reinventing themselves every few years.

“Every five years we need to start learning new skills, practicing new efforts and trying new careers on for size.”

There are no webinars on this because there is no clear formula on how to do it. We are all unique as individuals. Our businesses are unique. Every goal and objective is different for the year, the month, the week. The path through might not be a straight line or something you can do in “10 easy steps.” It can be messy and that’s OK.

Brand Therapy is about breathing spirit into an idea, to be excited again, to work with purpose and to have impact.

To get these ideas going, my favorite question to ask myself and clients is: What would start tomorrow if you knew you couldn’t fail? Chances are, you already know what is holding you back from making the changes you need to attain professional and personal goals. But it just seems like too much work and things seem to be going “well enough” so why mess with it? But there is something gnawing at you that says it could be better, you could be having more fun, you could be inspired again and attracting clients and projects that fire you up. I get it! I’ve been in business for 18 years and constantly looking at what I do with clear eyes, checking in, making adjustments, and reinventing. It’s hard, time-consuming and messy, but in the end invigorating. It breathes new life into my day. As marketing that comes from the heart, Brand Therapy guides you through those uncomfortable changes to remove your own unique barriers to success.

As in personal therapy sessions, Brand Therapy digs into the root of marketing and business challenges. I work with seasoned pros, and creative entrepreneurs just starting out. Together we discover how to refocus on what matters — the heart of your marketing efforts — and infusing their business with passion and purpose. Then we take that energy across digital platforms, direct marketing and story telling. It all goes into the mix … therapy that balances your marketing efforts to unlock your brand’s power.

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