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There are days when I’m happily lost. Those are the days when I allow myself to fall down the rabbit hole of the internet and Instagram; my keyboard laying down the crumbs that will lead me back when I want to be found again. But there is much to be found while I’m lost; an ingenious world of artists and designers producing work that is truly marvel producing.

Most of the time these journeys start out for something specific – a color or a phrase or some background information for a client – but there is always some nugget I pick up along the way. Just this week I came upon the UK designer, Kit Miles, and his collection of exquisite, vibrant and detailed baroque wallpapers, pillows and textiles.

No surprise, Miles has just been awarded the UK-based Homes and Gardens Awards of 2016 as Best New Designer. Judges specifically mentioned his wallpaper design entitled  “Ecclesiastical Botanica” for its unique approach to color, scale and imagery.

The Passion That Drives Kit Miles

In an article with Homes and Gardens, Living Beautifully, Miles said, “I try to open a porthole into a new, vivid reality with every design that I conceive. The aim is to combine scale with surrealist touches and incredible color. I collect files of drawings, photographs and web-based research, which form the core of my inspiration.”

As to the use of both old technology — intricate hand drawings — and new — digital translations that achieve jewel-like colors — he said, “Many designers think that digital is faster or less worthy of care and attention, but that’s not the case. For me, the question has always been how can we exploit its unique capability to apply images to materials and bring something new to print design? The pencil was once considered cutting edge; now it’s seen as an organic medium. In the same way, digital will one day be regarded as ‘hand’. When it comes to building a world, tech helps us see beyond the limitations of our senses. I don’t think of my work as digital, I see it simply as design.”

He said, “When I put pen to paper, it’s as if a world opens up.” Here’s a view into that world …

kit miles

Detail from Ecclesiastical Botanica

kit milesThe same paper installed

kit miles

Detail from Biophillia

kit miles

Birds in Chains

Top: Two version of Birds in Chains

Photo of Kit Miles: Alun Callender

Follow him on Instagram at @kitmilesstudio


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