andrew spurgin

While this artistic food presentation is my Weekend Inspiration,  Andrew Spurgin, a consulting chef and event architect based in San Diego, is inspired by food every day of the week, especially by how to use ingredients not only to make a memorable meal, but to create a sustainable food future. In short, it’s a passion that drives him to explore not only what’s on the plate, but what is beyond it, especially when it comes to seafood.

“We have become aware of using local, seasonal, and artisanal products,” he says, “We now need to do the same with seafood. As gatekeepers of what is on the plate, professional chefs have the unique opportunity to make a real difference in promoting of sustainable seafood (that which has been farmed or captured in a sustainable manner and from a healthy wild stock). At this late stage of the game, we can easily become part of the solution. We all want to do the right thing and by being aware and gently educating our clients on the best choices, we can.”

To this end, Spurgin has assisted in the development of The Safina Center’s (formerly The Blue Ocean Institute) “Green Chefs / Blue Ocean” program, a national curriculum addressing sustainable seafood education for culinary students and continuing education for chefs.

What’s on the plate: Meiwa Kumquat Dungeness Crab Timbale, Coconut–Lime Emulsion, Hearts of Palm Salad with Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes and Spicy Pepitas

Photo: Boyd Harris

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