Thank you for your interest in working with me! I have been working with, writing about and supporting top brands my entire career. I find that every company and individual have issues that we can discover and address together. The possibilities for collaboration are endless and exciting. Each campaign is unique to you, your goals and your audience.

While working with top brands for the past 18 years, I’ve come to realize that companies are a lot like individuals. They all have their issues when to comes to marketing. Now, I’m not a psychologist, or event mind reader. What I am is a consultant who likes to dig in, work alongside you, communicate, listen, devise, and strategize a nurturing and comfortable way for you to unblock what’s holding you back from your goals, get to the next step, and find success and recognition. No matter what you need, I will personalize a method that is right for you. It’s my own form of “brand therapy!”

Marketing Strategy and Campaigns

Marketing is the engine that drives your company into the marketplace. Simply put, if you don’t have a marketing game plan, you aren’t moving forward. Brand therapy can get you unstuck. Your website, emails, and social media efforts need to connect with customers faster than ever in a noisy marketplace. It’s my passion to craft your unique story across all platforms to cut through the noise, get your story out, and attract your ideal clients. I work on both long- and short-term projects using a variety of marketing tools and techniques that will work for you.

Public Relations

My position within the media is unique. Connections run deep and decades-long. Through them we create opportunities for you in the form of outreach to our editorial contacts, our industry database, speaking engagements, synergistic campaigns with our other clients, and more.

Social Media Support: Audience Growth and Engagement

Increase online engagement and learn to find your authentic voice on social media. My style is based on content-driven story-telling and intuitive strategy. Of course my team and I track the analytics and marketing reports, but truly, we have grown accounts of not just large numbers, but large numbers that reflect community, interest in what you do, and an audience that comes back for more, week after week.

Content Creation: Telling Your Story

We all have customers. Some of us have fans. But what we really want is an audience. An audience listens to what you say. They come back on their own, for free. When you build your ideal audience, they will be there when you have something to say, and sell. It takes great online content to build your idea audience. Blog posts, social media updates, emails and newsletters – all need writing that is clear, exciting and on target. As an award-winning writer, it’s my passion to deliver great content — today’s currency for success.

Community Outreach – Connecting with Your Audience

One of the most effective ways to connect with your audience is through intimate face-to-face events, whether in your place of business or in a venue that makes sense. Let’s discuss how to connect you to the right guests – your prospective clients and community, as well as vendors and media — through small, curated experiences that extend your brand into your community in a positive way.

And, if your brand is a good fit, I’d love to be a brand ambassador, weaving your story into my own blogs as another way for my audience to experience your brand. Coming soon: I’ll be offering readers a way to “Shop the Story” with links out to you, your services and products. Other options include reviews, interviews and giveaways. Fees vary with each project, so please inquire.