Brand Therapy Newsletter #6: Attracting Goodness

Brand Therapy

Attraction. Support. Community. These three traits are so important for business and yet never really taught in business school. It’s why I’ve put these front and center when creating my Brand Therapy Mastermind Sessions starting later this month.

Oddly, I’ve found these same three traits in my vegetable garden and my new favorite coffee house.

Wait, don’t go! Hear me out.

My garden is small. This makes every inch supremely valuable. I can’t simply plant more to get more. Instead I have to get the most from everything I plant. Sounds like business? And not all is for eating. Some plants are there just to attract bees and helpful bugs, butterflies and hummingbirds.

The new coffee house is also very good at attracting what it needs — people like me. It’s already a hot spot because the owner knows what will keep us coming back. Hint: It’s not just great coffee. He is there all the time, remembering orders, asking how we liked something new, introducing customers to one another and in general feeding our craving to belong, to be known and be part of a community.

Right about now you are saying to yourself … That’s a nice story Liese, but what does it have to do with me and my business?

The smart money is not about more sales. The smart money tells us to be the difference. To create something special where we belong, are nurtured and can grow.

It’s a lot like Brand Therapy Mastermind Sessions.

Brand Therapy Sessions are a place where business owners, managers, and creative entrepreneurs will find structure, ideas and a sense of community.

Support. Tools. Resources. Structure. Answers.

Brand Therapy Mastermind Sessions offer all that. They are built around a structure of six pillars of marketing that I’ve used successfully for top brands over the past 20-some years.

Summer Sessions begin July 29.

The cost is $1,095, but join the Brand Group Therapy Facebook page and get $500 off!

All the info is right here.

You will get…

  • Six weeks of online LIVE video conferences (no pre-recorded webinars here) with me and other business leaders and managers like you – accessible from anywhere you are
  • A weekly action plan and exercises you can do offline alone and/or with your team
  • Individual attention. Each series is capped at 10 people to ensure you get the time you need for check-ins, feedback and to present the issues you are facing
  • Membership in the Brand Therapy private Facebook group where you will be able to get more information, feedback and ideas on marketing strategies and business growth.
  • One half-hour one-on-one call with me during the six weeks to go deeper into a topic or issue that either comes up during the course, or something that your business is going through
  • A group that supports and encourages you and keeps you accountable to the goals you have set
  • The tools for an action plan for going forward with renewed energy and strength
  • An invitation to an in-person live event in Los Angeles

“I loved taking Liese’s Brand Therapy Sessions every Monday. They were a fantastic way to start the week with like-minded professionals who are keeping our company’s brand and mission top of mind. I was able to use the information we discussed right away in my business. Having the ability to speak openly and receive feedback on the spot is invaluable. I’d highly recommend anyone looking to fine-tune or dive into their brand take these sessions. I look forward to continuing to do so as my company grows and evolves.”

Mandy Bianchi | Owner | Bianchi Productions

And of course I have Three Brand Therapy Tips for you!

1. “Free Coffee. Next Exit”

This is one of those examples of best billboard writing that marketing and communications professors love to use. It’s to the point, uses few words and is highly directive.

What do you want people to read the next time you send an email or another message? Which 10 of all the words you’ve written do you want someone to see so that they’re intrigued enough to slow down and read the rest? Highlight 10 those.

Better still, if you can begin with those 10 words and write around them, you have the foundation for an effective message. Let me know how I did with the words I highlighted in this email!


2. Instagram Highlights

We are visual. People will SEE before they READ. That’s why Instagram Highlights are so important to use. They are great for saving your brilliant Instagram Stories for longer than 24 hours, but are also a way to show visitors what you do and who you are. I wrote a blog about it recently for you

> How to Create Instagram Stories and Brand Covers


3. Motivation

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

On his now-famous quote on advice for aspiring performers Steve Martin said: “Nobody ever takes note of my advice because it’s not the answer they want to hear. What they want to hear is: ‘Here’s how you get an agent’ and ‘Here’s how you write a script.’  But I always say, ‘Be so good they can’t ignore you.'”

That’s harder of course, but if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Here’s something that IS easy — sign up for Brand Therapy Mastermind Sessions. Register before July 23 to grab your space.

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