Brand Therapy Newsletter #3: A Good Night’s Sleep

What about your business
keeps you up at night?

This is one of those questions I periodically ask my clients. It helps me find solutions for them that are on target. Staying relevant is an answer I hear often, specifically, how they can remain front and center in the minds of their ideal clients as the marketplace changes. Most of the time, they already know what they need to do but something keeps them from it.

The same thing wakes me up at 3 a.m. I also know what I need to do, but like everyone else I worry about the time it will take, the best way forward, sifting through all the choices, what change will look like, and how hard it might be.

We all reach that place where it is go-time for change yet for one reason or another we don’t take that leap.

What helps push me forward is this …

So for the sake of a good night’s sleep, I went to work. I gathered my design team and we redesigned the Brand Therapy logo to reflect more of who I am, the changes I’ve made to my business and how I work. I started work on a shopping cart (more work there to come … progress, not yet perfection!), added an appointment app, created more content for my next Brand Therapy mastermind course, and recorded a podcast (see Brand Therapy Tip #3).

What did I do at the end of this intense week to relax? Took a road trip to Las Vegas of course! And in this shimmering land of dreams and possibilities, I found the reason behind our 3 a.m. wake up calls.

In the Neon Boneyard, surrounded by the beauty of some of the most iconic Vegas signage, lights that had been dimmed by time, or cast aside for the newest shiny thing, were bright again in a totally new way. They didn’t go away, they morphed into objets d’art to be rediscovered.

Then it hit me. It’s not fear that’s waking us up at 3 a.m., it’s the excitement that we are getting closer to our dreams. Waking up and getting to work is the only thing that will make those dreams come true.

Power Up: Three Brand Therapy Tips


At its F8 Developer Conference, Facebook put a finer point on rumored changes, rolling out a new look to mobile versions of the app that will soon be coming to desktops. The platform will de-emphasize the news feed, and emphasize groups, stories and events. More about what these changes mean to brand marketing in coming newsletters.


Instagram is running tests on a select few users in Canada to hide likes from public view. This, like the Facebook changes, is an effort to create a truer account of interaction. As Zuckerberg said during his keynote, “We want people to be less interested in how many likes a post gets, and focus more on connecting with other people.”


If you want to connect more with me, and want a plethora of brand therapy tips, don’t LOOK any further. Instead have a LISTEN to my podcast on The Wedding Biz. Andy Kushner and I talk about brand and marketing strategies that work for any creative businesses.

And with that, I’m back to work!

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