Brand Therapy Newsletter #5: Echoes in the Canyon

Brand Therapy Newsletter

A successful businessman once told me that when he needs to release some pressure from his week, he steals away to a matinee. With his words ringing in my ears, I bought my ticket to a Wednesday afternoon showing of Echo in the Canyon feeling only a small pang of guilt.

The canyon in the title is Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles. The echo is the reverberation and impact that the music made there in the early sixties — Brain Wilson and The Beach Boys, The Byrds, The Association, The Mamas and the Papas — had on musicians around the world then and now.

[Photo: From the film, Ringo Starr and Jakob Dylan talking about how this music influenced The Beatles.]

It was the beginning of the “Californian sound” — an intersection of rock and folk, electric and acoustic, analog and digital. Songwriters were inspired by one another during a time of great creative freedom and … ahem … harmony.

Right about now you are wondering what this has to do with Brand Therapy, and more important, with you! If you’ve been reading my newsletters, you know an analogy is never far and here it is.

That time, this place, those artists – all of it was not just a chord change in the music of an era; it was a sea change of how creative professionals interacted. There was total collaboration, little competition … well, at least until money and the record companies became involved, but that’s for another film, and newsletter!

I believe we are in a time like that now if we just, as John Lennon said, let it be.

My Big Idea!

Brand Therapy




In the special events industry, there is a large group of professionals, from first-time business owners to mid-management creatives, who are looking for mentorship, support and wisdom they aren’t finding.

And while there are many groups now that foster personal and professional generosity more deeply than traditional networking events — Rising Tide, BRA Network, Boss Ladies, Create and Cultivate — these is nothing quite like this for event professionals.

Because I couldn’t find it, I’ve created it.

Like musical sessions, Brand Therapy Sessions are about collaboration, inspiration and the collective. My goal is to build a community in which there is structure, but that also enables us to inspire one another. One person’s day-to-day actions could be another total revelation.

Brand Therapy is what I’ve been looking for, and if you are like me, it’s what you are looking for too.

It’s an online, live six-week course I lead for two hours each week, offering exercises and live coaching on Zoom — so you can access this from anywhere in the world.

I’m starting the next six-week course July 29 and would love to see you there!

Here is all the information about it. And of course, shoot me an email with any questions.


Three Sound Brand Therapy Tips

1. Create a Visual Brand Language

Photo: Britt Rohr, Swell Press, by Courtney Paige Ray

Brand photos are an important marketing tool. More than “headshots,” this specialized style of photography conveys the experience that clients will have with you and your brand. We are visual buyers these days, so having a visual arsenal is vital to helping establish you within your market and attract your ideal client. I especially love what  Courtney Paige Ray has been doing. “My specialty is expressing the ‘how you do it differently’ part in photos,” she says. “This is so powerful to lifting your brand out of the noise to stand out in the market.”

2. Define Yo’Self!

One of the first exercises I do with clients, and that we will do in Brand Therapy Sessions, is define goals and direction. Ask yourself:
  1. What is my purpose and vision? Where am I going and why?
  2. What will my strategy be? Define how to get there.
  3. What tactics will I take? What will you do along the way to make your goals happen?

A word about mission v purpose. Mission is why your company exists. Vision is the contribution you hope you and your company will make.

3. Set the Alarm!

What three words define where you want to go? Set the alarm for the same time each day with those words as a reminder to reflect — what have you done, or are going to do, that day to keep you going in that direction?

See you soon! I hope we can make some beautiful Brand Therapy music together!

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