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Surround yourself with positive, nourishing and uplifting people.

People who believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams, and applaud your victories.

Surround yourself with possibility thinkers and idealists.

What Are Brand Therapy Sessions?

Brand Therapy Sessions are a series of dynamic and interactive sessions that are take place live online. Based on the concept of the “mastermind,” they are a powerful tool to making those things you want to happen actually happen.

Why do these sessions work?

Brand Therapy Sessions provide a solid foundation of strategy and materials designed to help you achieve your goals for the immediate future and pave the way for five- and 10-year goals. They bring clarity on the many avenues available to you for going forward with frank discussion of which ones excite you, compel you to make changes to what you are now doing and will yield the best results for you.

Brand Therapy Sessions provide support, mentorship, direction and accountability in a way I haven’t found in any other program. I know because I’ve been looking for something like this for my own business. Because I never truly found what I wanted, I’ve simple gone and created it!

My goal is to build a community in which there is structure, but that also enables us to inspire one another. One person’s day-to-day actions could be another total revelation.

Brand Therapy is what I’ve been looking for, and if you are like me, it’s what you are looking for too.

Will this type of session work for you?

Absolutely if you are looking for:

  • Support
  • Structure
  • Encouragement
  • Clarity
  • Tools
  • Community

Brand Therapy Sessions provide us with mentors in peer-to-peer interaction in a structured and safe atmosphere where we can talk about anything, and often do!

Brand Therapy Sessions is a place where business owners and managers came together online to set goals, talk marketing strategy for holidays 2019 and into 2020, experience business breakthroughs, find life-long business friends and make change happen!

The next Brand Therapy Session will begin in September 30 for six weeks. Each week we’ll explore a different topic through exercises, case studies and insights based on the Six Pillars of Marketing. Holiday marketing and building our businesses to be strong for a crazy 2020 (possible recession, presidential election, oh my!) is on the agenda.

What will you get?

  • Six weeks of online video conferences. Each week join myself and other business leaders for a two-hour live (no pre-recorded video here!) online video conference going through my six pillars of marketing and how each one works to help you achieve your goals
  • 80+ page workbook with action plans and exercises you can do online with the group or offline with your team, or both!
  • Individual attention. Each series is capped at 10 people to ensure you get the time you need for check-ins, feedback and present the issues you are facing
  • Membership in the Brand Therapy private Facebook group where you will be able to get more information, feedback and ideas on marketing strategies and business growth.
  • One half-hour one-on-one call with me during the six weeks to go deeper into a topic or issue that either comes up during the course, or something that your business is going through
  • A group that supports and encourages you and keeps you accountable to the goals you have set
  • The tools for an action plan for going forward with renewed energy and strength
  • An invitation to an in-person live event in Los Angeles

The next Brand Therapy Sessions will begin in January 2020. Sign up for my emails to receive information as it becomes available.

Six Weeks of Brand Building

 Week One: Goals and Strategy

Setting an intention for the group and yourself | Goal Setting – 1, 5 and 10 years | Setting a 90-Day Action Plan to start Year One Goals

Week Two: Buttoning Up Your Brand

Brand Identity/Values | Creating an Internal Positioning Statement | Identifying Your Ideal Client

Week Three: Social Media

Creating Your Values-Based Digital World | Streamlining the process | Employee Policies, Strategies | Facebook and Instagram advertising | Instagram 5-Day Challenge

Week Four: Sales Strategies for Today

Rule of 7 | Funnels and Channels | What works and what doesn’t

Week Five: Outreach: Email and Media

Why and How to Seek Media Exposure | Email Marketing | Building Trust | List Growth

Week Six: Putting it All Into Action

Reverse Engineer Your Year: What Will January 2020 Look Like | Action Plan Going Forward | Setting Yourself up for Success

*Bonus Sessions and Guest Speakers to be announced

What People Are Saying

“Sometimes the best way of looking at our businesses is through the eyes of an outsider and fellow entrepreneur. What is brilliant about Brand Therapy is the open forum to problem solve, to see things with a new perspective and to learn from the experiences of our fellows. Liese has come up with an incredible team building environment to collaboratively strengthen and excel. It’s a must for anyone looking to take their business to new levels or to ensure the current way operating is as strong as it can be.”

Kristin Banta
Creative Director
Kristin Banta Events

“Brand Therapy is just that – therapy. This thought provoking and stimulating program delves into how we view our brand and more importantly, challenges how we want to be seen. Liese’s engaging manner, collaborative problem solving, real life examples and helpful tools enabled me to better evaluate ways in which I can help to strengthen the KBE brand.

Laura Cardo
Director of Business Development
Kristin Banta Events

Where do I begin?! I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to be part of the first Brand Therapy Sessions. And know that I am not the only one that needs therapy. The Instagram challenge helped me to remember the Who, What, Why of our company is and to shift into keeping that mindset. Having accountability and a group to spring board ideas that needed to be done, but were so easily put to the way side due to distractions or not fitting all the puzzle pieces in by myself gave me no more excuses and outside outlooks that I would not have thought about on my own. Finding out that there are far more tools than what I had in my toolbox was extremely helpful! I don’t have time to always research options, so I typically stick to what I know. In just a short period of time, I feel like I found a new rhythm to tasks that is helping me proceed forward with a clearer vision and my want to learn more. I anxiously await the next session!!

Desiree Patterson
Marketing Director
GBS Linens

I loved taking Liese’s Brand Therapy Sessions every Monday. They were a fantastic way to start the week: with like-minded professionals who are keeping our company’s brand and mission top of mind. I was able to use the information we discussed right away in my business. Having the ability to speak openly and receive feedback on the spot is invaluable. I’d highly recommend anyone looking to fine-tune or dive into their brand take these sessions. I look forward to continuing to do so as my company, Bianchi Productions, grows and evolves.

Mandy Bianchi
Bianchi Productions

Liese Gardner’s Brand Therapy is a must for business owners. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Liese’s interactive mastermind and marketing style provides action plans and approaches for attendees to reflect on what one is doing and how to institute changes in their respective companies.

Janet Elkins
Event Works

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