Business Growth Using the Passions that Drive Us

I have spent years working with entrepreneurs to build and tweak their business so they reflect the passions that drive them. From this, I’ve started to compile tips, which I call a little dose of brand therapy, from what I’ve learned from them because …

Success leaves clues!

Those clues are bread crumbs leading us to the same marketing and business success. From starting the day early, to goal setting, there are just so many clues, or habits. Top of the list is attitude. Champions in any field walk out knowing they are the best. They have to think this way! Can you imagine facing a wall of huge linemen on the football field and not have total confidence in yourself, your ability, and your training?

Here are my first seven brand therapy tips on to solidify your marketing and business goals by infusing it with passion. It’s time to step into being the champion you are.

Tip One: Finding Clarity

The clarity you had when you began your business may shift. If you feel like you are just “phoning it in,” it might be a good time to explore why. Finding clarity for future goals can help reignite those passions that originally drove you. The questions to continually ask yourself are: What is it I really want? What skills do I need to get it? Then obsessively learn those skills. I talk that in the following tips and some of the tools and techniques to do that.

brand therapy tips

Getting to the bottom of what the passions that drive you are can be easier when you begin right now is write down your thoughts. Writing in a daily journal is a technique many successful business owners use. It’s like meditation with a pen and a great way to get clear on issues that are on your mind.

The world, and word, is yours with a blank journal. The one I’m using this year is from David Arms | Artist​. “Be still and know” is a lovely sentiment with which to start or end the day. Journaling can help you find clarity. Be still and know. Be still and grow.

Under each tip I’ll give you a question to tackle in your journal.

Journal Questions: What did you set out to do when you first began your business, or if you are just starting it, what are your goals? Get very clear on three goals. Where are you now with these? What are some future goals you can begin to work toward? These can be personal, or professional. Chances are, if you are feeling stalled, you haven’t given either the past or the future much thought and are just working from day to day.

Two: Find Your Words

What are the three words you would use to describe what skills you need to achieve what you want this year?

brand therapy tips

Got them? Now, get out your phone. In the alarm section, you can name alarms for certain activities or days, such as “work out” and “Saturday.” Now, set a new alarm for the same time during the day, and name it your three words that define who you want to be, or what you want for your business. When that alarm goes off, stop and reflect on what you did or are doing that day towards making that happen.

Because my goal this year to create two Brand Therapy workshops, my three professional words are: Communicator, Connector, Leader. Honestly, it was hard for me out to say these words out loud. But it gets easier as you lean into them. Because you really want them, don’t you? I know those words represent what what I need to focus on to make the change I need happen so by saying them, I make them part of my progress. What is it you need? Great! Now, set your daily reminder and step into it.

Journal Questions: Write down six words and a few notes of what they mean to you. Now begin to assign them importance, or a place in your life. Three might fit the professional you, three might fit your personal goal you want to achieve.

Three: Be the Chocolate Chip Cookie!

How easy is this? Just make each ingredient count and add up to something irresistible. Goals can be intimidating; it’s why we sometimes give up before even beginning. But if we can break it down into small, manageable task for each day, week, and month. You will then be able to look back at the end of the quarter to see where you are with that goal.

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I love Lara Casey’s larger goal setting system called Power Sheets from her company, Cultivate What Matters. And project management systems I use are Asana and Basecamp. Each task can be assigned to a team member who is then notified and reminded. You can also set up goals here and track results. Now that’s sweet!

Journal Question: Write down five things you want to accomplish this month and set deadlines for each. Bonus, eat a cookie once you are done!

Four: Get Personal

With changes in social media demanding more meaningful content, one of the goals I set this year for all my clients is to give more how-to information, to take people behind the scenes, and to get creative with how to put members of the team front and center.

brand therapy tips

People want an emotional connection to your passions. Remember, brands are people too! Three ideas for you to implement …

  1. Introduce yourself and team members in creative, fun posts;
  2. Give everyone on your Instagram accounts that end with your company name so you can tag, comment and engage with one another and clients can learn more about each team member;
  3. Do live interviews / chats with key team members, and even with creative partners, on Instagram and Facebook. Highlight what they are working on, their philosophy, how they solve various challenges that come their way, and some fun facts about them personally.

Journal Question: Write down talents of each team member to start idea flowing for blogs, social media and videos you can schedule for each one. For instance, some of their personal hobbies might work perfectly into a holiday or something you are doing in your business. For instance, if someone is an avid weekend surfer, can you work their story into your summer promotions?

Five: Say Hello!

Lost your passion? Get it back by talking to your customers. When is the last time you called (yes, called!!) past and current clients to check in, learn more about why they hired you, what they needed, how you did, and what their need are now? To keep them from going into shock over a phone call, send an email first asking if they can find 15 minutes to do you a favor and talk about their experience with your company.

brand therapy tips

Then write out three questions for them about what they liked about working with you, how you helped them achieve their goals and what they find they need now. Tip: Writing them down helps you stay focused and ensures that if you get into a longer conversation, that you ask them all. Take notes, and then move onto the next call.

What you learn may or may not be an eye opener, but it will be a door opener to some new ways of thinking about what you do, how you can do it better, what more you can offer, and, if it’s a past client, it might even open the door to working together again!

Journal Question: Write down at least 10 clients and past client you want to call and one special question just for them you want to ask once you talk.

Six: Don’t give up!

This past year, I put in extra hours mornings, nights and weekends to drill down deep and get obsessed about the skills I needed to make my own changes. I put new systems in place, learned more of the very arcane worlds of Instagram Stories, algorithms and new changes. I took on Facebook Pixels, performance theories, sales strategies, growth tracking and more of what will help my clients get past their issues that might come up in Brand Therapy and GROW!

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Honestly, there were times I was overwhelmed. Surrender was the word of my fourth quarter. I surrendered a few hours a day until I broke through whatever skill I wanted to add. For sticking with it, I recommend yet another book – in this case I turned to Seth Godin and his new book, The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit and When to Stick.

Journal Question: What is it that keeps you going? Can you set small goals and rewards for yourself when you achieve them? I don’t know about you, but I’m big on giving myself small treats when I get certain tasks done within a set time frame. It could be as simple as lunch, a second cup of coffee, or a walk in the garden!

Seven:  Energy Flows Where Focus Goes

To me, this is the tip of all tips. It’s all you need to know. If you aren’t tending to what matters in your metaphoric garden every day, there will be dead spots, clumps of leaves and dried out areas.

brand therapy tips

To bring new growth back, focus on who you want to do business with. See that person in your mind’s eye as you create your sales decks, your social media posts, your newsletters and your outreach. What keeps them up at night? How can you help them sleep better? Approach marketing as one person, one problem, one message.

In my case, I see a creative entrepreneur who has had some success. Who has a couple years under his or her belt, but has been so busy tending current clients that they haven’t had time for their own marketing. They have looked up and realized that some things have passed them by and their brand might be withering a little. It’s an easy fix; all it takes is refocusing your energy!

Whether or not you are that person, it’s my sincere hope that these tips will help you build your business in 2018 with clarity, focus, renewed passion, and the methods you need to get you there.

Journal Question: Who is your ideal client? Write out a detailed description of this person and work with them in mind.

Stay tuned for my 7 Mo’ Better Brand Therapy Tips!

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