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Liese Gardner Creative Inspiration

I had a completely different blog planned as my first for the New Year. It was all about the ways we can reignite our passion, creativity, and ambition for new and old goals no matter where we are in our lives. You might have misplaced your creative inspiration over to the past couple years. Possibly, like me, you feel a bit tired but still have the stirrings of things you want to do. How do we get started or continue with those projects? How do we get revved up again? I have some ideas! Doing something that matters is my theme this year.

Then, I read the room and shifted my content to something that actually is creative inspiration! Why? We ARE tired and maybe a serious email isn’t what anyone wants right now! It’s still on the way, but just postponed for a week or two. I made the decision after seeing this painting of a chicken in a yoga pose by Lucia Heffernan. Yes! I thought. This is what we need. All those lofty ideas went out the window, like a chicken flying the coop!

Of her work Lucia writes: “My body of work is an expression and exploration of my fascination with animals, through my paintings, I seek to give animals a voice and a personality.” True to her word, her work is pretty adorable.

So, like that chicken, I’m stretching my wings on this first blog of 2022. I’ve found so much creative inspiration on Instagram as I build my community and that of my clients on the platform. I’ve seen some really great ideas and events that bring out the magazine editor in me that wants to share them. I’m scratching that itch in this issue.

Let me know if you like this content. I think it would be a bonus to add one (at least) Brand Therapy Creative Inspiration with each newsletter. I already have some lined up for you this month along with the aforementioned content on ways we can show up to pursue our goals this year and be Brand*New!

Three Brand Therapy Inspiration Ideas

Three small, elegant ideas that flexed their designer’s creativity.

A COOL IDEACreative inspiration

Liese Gardner Creative InspirationParker Grace Events is an event design firm in the Bay Area founded by Meghan Murray. I learned of them through Napa Valley Linens (a client)*. This December Parker Grace designed a chic holiday event for the interior design studio, Eye for Pretty and used NVL’s velvet napkins in a burnt orange tone that perfectly matched table elements and the cocktail. It was in keeping with Parker Grace’s Instagram bio that says “it’s all about the details.”

Another detail that caught my eye was the branded ice cubes from Blind Tiger Ice. While branded ice cubes are not new, I don’t think they get used as much as they could. They are always a cool touch and in this case, their size made them cooler, served in a glass chosen specifically to accommodate them.

Parker Grace Events | Eye for Pretty | Megan Gery Photography | Blind Tiger Ice | Pleasanton Rentals | Napa Valley Linens



Liese Gardner Creative InspirationWho knew that gift wrapping could be so bad ass? I love this shot of the team from Soolip (a client) boarding a private jet sent by one of their corporate clients in need of on-site gift wrapping. This is the fourth season that Soolip has provided this service for this client. A note … in terms of marketing, I love that they are all in Soolip tees!

The image below is not the wrapping they used for this client, but it’s indicative of Soolip’s style guided by the creative force that is Wanda Wen. You can see how any Soolip project requires a pro squad!

Creative Inspiration Liese Gardner
Alabaster paper-backed silk wrap, multiple strands of hand-dyed silk ribbon with black twine. Serenity wand with a piece of selenite (to enhance intuition and mental clarity), Palo Santo wood (which has medicinal and therapeutic healing powers) and Black Tourmaline (a grounding stone that repels negative energy). The final touch: Gold wax seal with the initials of the gift recipient.


Liese Gardner Creative InspiratonWho else remembers the book “Where the Wild Things Are” as one of their favorite childhood reads? It was fun to see it pop up again in the Instagram feed of event producer and designer Alyson Heather Fox, co-founder of Levine Fox Events.

I’ve enjoyed following her work and her collaborations with Images by Lighting (a client). While this daytime birthday party didn’t need any professional lighting, it glowed with creativity. The theme was essentially carried out on one canvas — a long table. The placemats were fun. The runner of flowers in birch vases and the knit creatures hatching from them were refreshing in spring colors. And the cake was a perfect rendition of Max’s crown.

Finally, a moment for the balloons. I love that balloons are back and being leveled up with sophisticated hues and simple designs.

Alyson Heather Fox, Levine Fox Events | Mark’s Garden | Untitled Events Catering | Pop Ink Design Studio | Balloon and Paper | The Butter End Cakery | Bright Event Rentals | AYS Network

*full disclosure.

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