Forge Your Future: A Sales and Marketing Workshop for Today’s World

forge your future

Do you do this too? Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time staring wistfully at photos of minimalist architecture. These days, I can think of nothing more calming than staring out at the Aegean Sea from the terrace of this Greek villa located on the grounds of a 14th century castle. I think that is part of the charm. If it could survive all that has happened between then and now, maybe we can survive 2020.

I’m usually jarred out of my reverie by my phone buzzing in with current news that requires attention and processing. We are literally in the eye of the storm as even hurricanes get in on the news cycle action!

It’s the full catastrophe.Catastrophe. How many times in the past week have you read or heard that word?

And while these events happening today are catastrophes, there is another meaning, another perspective to that word. Follow along with me for a minute to the wild side of my calm Grecian fantasy. To the other side of that concept, “catastrophe.”

In the 1964 film, “Zorba the Greek,” Zorba, an exuberant Greek peasant played by Anthony Quinn (left in the photo), is asked, “Were you ever married?” His reply: “Am I not a man? Of course I’ve been married. Wife, house, kids, everything . . . the full catastrophe!”Meaning … he appreciated the catastrophe of life’s richness along with all its tragedies and sorrows. Zorba danced his way through real and self-made storms and in the end he came to terms with what is most human in ourselves — living within the swirl of loss and happiness, anger and love, grief and joy. I think many of us can relate right now.Where are you in your own life’s full catastrophe? Hoping that this too shall pass, or being pro-active with your own lifeline strategy?

As more of the world turns online, so have our businesses. This is where our customers are now. Their needs and challenges have changed greatly and we now need to meet them anew with values, love and compassion. And we need to do it online.

It’s up to you, but the last time I checked hope and luck were not in the winning-at-business toolbox. But I know what tools are in there and I want to give them to you. This is the perfect time for you to learn how to use today’s most important sales and online marketing techniques and here’s how!

forge your future
I’m excited to announce that on August 11, top sales coach Meryl Snow and I are presenting a session featuring the tools, ideas and inspiration to Forge Your Future. To get all the details, please click the “register” button below. We’ve set a very affordable price for you. Plus! You will find discounts for many associations and groups.

Separately Meryl and I have helped hundreds of business owners, managers and creative entrepreneurs discover success using the very techniques we will be giving you at this live workshop!

FORGE YOUR FUTURE gives you the marketing
techniques that bring clients in your door and the
sales techniques that help you close the deal.

Join us August 11 at 10 a.m. pst
Get more information on the session here.

Do you have questions? Schedule a free 15 minute call with Liese here.

Until then, find your inner Zorba and keep dancing through those storms!

Forge your future

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