Happy Mother’s Day! Motherly Advice

Reposted from May 10, 2015

On this Mother’s Day, I’m thinking about what our mothers say to us — those lessons we’ve learned from them, and that we go on to live by, and to impart to others. This post began with a casual conversation with my friend Janet Elkins. I enjoyed learning that she has a set of five lessons she always imparts to her son Brad to ensure he will remember them. That got me thinking about what my other dear friend and great mother, Amy Yates Drickey, tells her sons. And of course what I have learned from my own mother as well. Great lessons all!

mothers day
Brad and Janet Elkins

What Brad Elkins now knows.

1. In life, success comes with perseverance.
2. You will be faced by many forks in the road. If you are lucky or smart, you take the right one, But if you by chance take the wrong one, or it becomes wrong, you can go back to that fork and start again. There are no mistakes that can’t be corrected.
3. Live life with humility.
4. Take good care of your body and eat healthy.
5. Listen to Suze Orman and don’t overspend on your credit card!

mothers day
Will, Max, Amy and Caleb

What Will, Max, and Caleb Drickey now know.

1. Always find opportunities to laugh –with others or at yourself.
2. Always be generous in word and deed.
3. Life and success are both long-games — perseverance and tenacity are rewarded.
4. Always overdress just a little bit — regardless of the event or how you feel.
5. Invest in a good moisturizer.

mothers day
Liese, Junior the cat and Ann

What I now know.

1. Don’t be afraid to start a new career, even if it’s at 60 years old!
2. Always look at a room and determine one thing that it can do without.
3. Buy what you love, and it will work into your interior design.
4. Travel. Stay curious in other places and ways of living.
5. Spend money on a good haircut.

mothers day

Thank you to all moms and their sage advice.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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