Finding Our Keys to Success

keys to success

keys to success

The world had become a locked car and I’d lost my keys. How could I have misplaced something so important?

I didn’t quite know where my keys to success were, but I knew when it happened. It was when I began to look at what others were doing and comparing myself. And although these mentors were inspirational, and I’ve learned so much from their expertise, I began comparing my own efforts and feeling that I fell short. And then one day I realized that comparison is the death of innovation and joy.

I couldn’t go totally cold turkey. I still needed to be in touch with my clients’ competitors and what they were doing. And, I still need to know the latest tools and techniques for getting the most from social media and its latest updates. But for myself, I put my head down and worked. I decided all I needed to do for myself was simply be the best me I could be for myself, my clients and my friends.

And there, as I was working, I found my keys. They had been there all along – my keyboard. These are the keys I use to tap out my renewed intention. Explore a heartfelt purpose. Or wax poetic about inspiration. And of course write about marketing and how content matters.

It’s why I call what I do brand therapy, not marketing, not consulting. It’s using the same techniques as therapy to learn WHY someone does something or wants something.

And to be clear, I don’t feel we are all brands. We are individuals building businesses. But once we have logos, voices, objectives, employees, clients, it’s good to take a lesson from larger brands and see ourselves in a more objective light. Easier to make better decisions  and actions.

Our personal and professional success are in front of us and there are so many roads we can take to our destination. We just have to decide what we want and go. Find your keys to success and get ready for the ride of your life!

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