Liese Gardner

Kind Words

“When I reflect on my career and the years I have spent in the special events industry, there are a few names that come to mind who have been by my side throughout the journey. Liese Gardner is one of those names. Not only have we worked closely together for more than 20 years but she also happens to be a dear friend of mine.

I have been able to consistently rely on Liese as a partner, collaborator and innovator. The work she does and the tireless advice she gives always puts things into perspective for me and truly inspires me to think deeper. In fact, her blog, Passions That Drive Us, has become one of my favorite sources of motivation and resource. I recommend Liese for anyone that needs a true confidante in this business, someone that knows the ins and outs and has the experience to take things to the next level.

Liese will always be one of those people that are brilliant at getting things done and done right.”

David Merrell
President, AOO Events


“Liese Gardner is the forerunner and pacesetter in the marketing world with a special in-depth knowledge of the special event and hospitality industry. I have always been impressed with Liese’s work ethic. She gives 100% of her experience and expertise to her projects. She ensures her client’s needs are front and center and are beyond compare. Liese is an expert in her field and it’s my honor to recommend Liese Gardner to potential clients.”

Janet Elkins
Founder, Event Works


“Liese has worked tirelessly to get the maximum impact for all our marketing requirements. She listens to our needs, respects our ideas and budgets and works constantly on creative ways to target our markets. We love her energy,. She inspires us and gives us goals that take us to the next level of creativity and excitement in the business world of special events!”

Pauline Parry, President
Good Gracious! Events


“Liese has assisted New York Food Company with countless projects involving public relations, collateral material and written communications and has provided valuable counsel regarding growth issues in general. When hiring Liese, it was understood that she brought with her a unique expertise of the hospitality industry in general but a more specific knowledge of the world of special event marketing. As such, she has not only helped us to achieve but to exceed our communication goals.

I have always appreciated Liese’s ethical and conscientious approach to business. While I may not be the easiest person to communicate with, Liese has always made sure to explain both what I could expect from a project as well as any shortcoming my reluctance to invest additional funds may create. She has always provided options and alternatives and if I do not agree with her approach – no complaints, she just goes back to work until we get it right.

It’s without hesitation that I state, if you are looking for assistance with your communications need, I recommend Liese Gardner Communications.”

Jim Wharton, Owner
New York Food Company

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