Three Macro Ideas to Celebrate Our New Micro World

macro ideas

Micro Events. Mini Pop Ups. Micro Workouts. Mini-Monies. Could the age of Covid-19 also turn out to be the era of the micro life? And would that be so terrible? While living locally, rejoicing in the little things, finding purpose in smaller actions might create a smaller life footprint, they also create within us a macro inner life, changing us for the better internally.

Externally, this new way of living and working has changed the way we gather. I’ve been noticing some of these micro events with interest and asked the creators of three of them to share them with us. I hope these three macro ideas for micro events give you are hope that our innate ability to find a way around challenges is still strong.

Macro Ideas: Feel Good Marketing

To me feel-good marketing is the best kind there is. When Karla Ross, founder of Karla Ross Productions told me about the free drive-in she was doing for a client who simply wanted to put good vibes out there, I was excited to hear more.

Drive-ins evoke memories of a simpler time in childhood when we would pile into the family car in our pj’s to eat popcorn and watch a … No, no, Karla corrected me. “This is a drive-in concert!”

One of Karla’s largest client segments for her entertainment firm are shopping centers. She had received calls to do drive-in movies from many of them but was holding out to do something live. She had a vision of a concert. When she proposed it to the East Washington Place Shopping Center, a Vastar property in Petaluma, California, they loved the idea. A nearby parking lot was perfect for a stage and 120 car spaces, which was important as only 60 cars would be allowed in so there could be a space between each one if people wanted to dance. And they did.

macro ideasChoosing a Journey tribute band was the right musical Rx to create the feel-good moment.  “Everyone loves and knows the songs,” Karla says. “The music is universal and it’s hopeful.”

The free event was promoted on the shopping center’s Facebook page. Attendees had to agree to the rules of safe gatherings such as wearing masks and social  distancing before entering the event space. There was no green room, no catered meals for the talent, masks were required and everyone could order boxed food from a few eating establishments from the mall who chose to participate.

While not the drive-in experience of yesterday, it was a perfect summer evening that offered a little feel-good break. Karla’s at work on the next d rive-in concert, this time at The Landing in Renton, another Vastar property in Washington. With this one on July 25 and more in the hopper, we know she and many others are still believin’  in the power of live music!

Macro Ideas: Mini “Mony,” Maxi Style

macro ideasI know what you are thinking — THIS is a mini-mony, otherwise known as a micro wedding??? Well, it was mini in guest count — 14 people plus the bride and groom — but you are right … it was maxi on floral styling by XO Bloom.

The original event was planned for a ritzy Beverly Hills hotel but as pandemic concerns grew, the couple switched the venue site to this stunning private estate in Pasadena. Event planner Payman Pakzad of After 8 Event Productions coordinated the event for 14 guests which was streamed to 400 friends and family.

macro ideasMy personal favorite design elements were the truly micro details  — the “Mirrored Beauty” bridal bouquet and the cake decor, both created by XO Bloom.

Photos: Interstellar Image

Macro Ideas: Plan B from Plan A

How do you stay creative, even on lock down? And when travel is out of the question too, then what? One beautiful day last month, the team at Plan A Events answered both questions when they got together to do what they do best – create and design. The tablescapes, inspired by the travels of company owner Tarin Wilson’s travels, evoked the sights, sounds and tastes of destinations and themes; Moroccan Getaway (shown), Mediterranean Blue, Wine Country Chic (shown), Picnic Fiesta, Asian Serenity and Secret Garden Tea Party.

macro ideas“What began as a way to flex our creative muscles during the quarantine turned into a reflection on connection,” Wilson says. “Gathering around the table is the literal and figurative meaning of an event.  Whether it’s a meeting, conference, social event or dinner party, the connection to others and the exchange of ideas and information is what happens when we come to the table.”

macro ideasThe beautiful tables reminded them that events are an antidote to isolation and something magical occurs when we break bread together. We are all hopeful that day will come.

Photos: Richard Luu, Capturecraft Photography | Rentals: Premiere Party Rents | Napkin Wraps: Tin Parade |

Brand Therapy Marketing Tip

Stand out by using clarity to differentiate yourself.

A dog walker who uses the tagline “we are on time” in their marketing materials makes the client wonder if other dog walkers aren’t. If there is something you are known for, say it clearly, even if it is that simple. Because while you don’t have to be actually different, being clear about what you do and what you offer sets you apart in the mind of your ideal client.

macro ideasI was reminded of this when I received a beautifully packaged lunch delivery from the lovelies at Good Gracious Events Marketplace. The quote on the delivery bag caught my attention in its total clarity at what Good Gracious aims to do. And let’s face it, a culinary experience that is pleasing and comforting goes a long way in today’s world.


For another macro idea, have you considered a porch pop up?

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