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Today, May 5, 2020, is a good example of when bad things happen to good brands. For instance, the folks at Corona must be crying in their beer. On the other hand, any brand that is able to use #tacotuesday is shouting Holy Guacamole at the kismet. Here are a few marketing ideas from brands making the best of a bad situation.

marketing ideas

JUDY, JUDY, JUDY (said in your best Cary Grant accent)
Timing is everything. On January 28, Judy, a maker of emergency home kits was launched. The company brands itself as ready for anything and was betting that with natural disasters happening more frequently, and with bigger impact, people would want supplies and emergency plans. Boy, were they right!

The company offers a series of different sizes and price points and is perfect for the consumer who knows they need something, but doesn’t have a clear idea of what is needed. One thing that sets Judy apart from competitors is a very hip website. There is even place to enter your zip code to see what disasters you’re most at risk for. I got earthquake, flood, pandemic and terrorism.

Founder Simon Huck has put his background in public relations to work already with new marketing ideas such as a Tiger Safe Kit inspired by Netflix’s hit show, Tiger King. “Part of the challenge around emergency preparedness is that you’re asking people to talk about scenarios that are really scary and anxiety-inducing,” Huck told Adweek. “So you need to think of ways to bring in levity to the situation in order to get people to pay attention.”
marketing ideas
Dear John
If you’ve been reading along with my Brand Therapy newsletters, you know I’m a big fan of pivoting and growing from where and who you are. So it’s perfect that the owners of Dear John’s have come out with a retro heat-and-eat TV Dinner.

Dear John’s was a passion project started by top chefs Hans Rockenwagner and Josiah Citrin in Los Angeles along with Patti Rockenwagner. It was to be semi-temporary, installed in a soon-to-be-demolished red-booth style restaurant. The restaurant’s claim to fame is a return to Rat Pack style dining with a modern spin. Angelenos whose lips rarely touch butter were happily waiting for reservations to throw back plates of Lobster Newburg, Chicken Parm and tableside Caesar Salads.

Today, with the restaurant closed, the threesome has pivoted to TV Dinners easily packaged and picked up curbside at their other locations. Of course, being in Los Angeles, they also have farm-to-table box options.

marketing ideas

The Small Things
I love the small statement of this idea. With every shipment that Rusack Winery sends to its wine club members, there is a note inside with a QR code. I hadn’t seen this before so of course I went right to it. It was simply a video — an hour long — of the vines at 5 p.m. Sweet, simple, and memorable. This is a great idea if you have a restaurant or bar. Perhaps just sending during an email, text or Instagram message during the day and inviting people to open a link to to show the space, or to watch a bartender making drinks at Happy Hour can create a wonderful moment with clients.

For more ways brands are making the best of a bad situation see how this company made a pivot with Pinot.

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