New Instagram Features

Well, that’s an exaggeration, but your phone can certainly do a lot now that new Instagram features are coming in hot this month. Usually August is sleepy time for marketing news but that’s not stopping Instagram. The app is coming in hot with new features that has the marketing community getting up from our beach blankets and doing a little happy dance. Here’s why you should be dancing too!

The increase in all this activity with new Instagram features is, yes, due to competition (Hello Tik Tok!) but for small business owners and entrepreneurs it’s further proof that social media is becoming even more embedded in our lives and business, and continues to be a force in how we communicate and connect with our audience. And, that we need to stay up to date on all that’s happening. Reels for business is here to stay.


STORY DRAFTS Instagram has rolled out a new Story drafts feature to all users, giving us the option to save Stories as drafts for seven days within the app. There were ways to save before, but it was through third party apps. This will make it an easier process.

SWIPE UP FEATURE Very Exciting! Until now, you had to reach 10k followers to share a link on stories. Now, Instagram is working on a Link sticker to add a URL without having the swipe up feature. It’s rolling out in batches, so check your sticker icon next time you post a story.

INCENTIVE$$$$$ Instagram is investing 1 BILLION DOLLARS in its creators (although you don’t have to have a creator account to benefit). The new bonus programs will launch  throughout 2022 and include creative tools for writers , podcasters, thought leaders and more.  Read More.

A seasonal program is rolling out called “Bonuses for Reels.” Instagram is offering money to people creating great Reel content and giving bonuses based on the performance of the Reel. The Summer Reels Bonus could start this month.

But wait, there’s more!

AUTO-CAPTIONS for feed posts are coming soon to further improve accessibility.

RE-SHARE Instagram is currently testing a new re-share sticker for Stories to encourage more Feed post sharing.

And I particularly love this idea …

COLLABS Instagram is testing a new collaboration feature for people to co-author Feed Posts and Reels, called Collab. Currently being tested to very small groups in India and the UK, it allows you to invite another account to collaborate using the tagging option. If they accept, the content shows up to both sets of followers. What a great way to co-create with customers, other experts, and friends!

I’m not going to win any Reels bonus money, but you can bet that I will be showing up on Reels a lot more. See you Instagram!

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