The One Word YOU May be Missing in Your Marketing

one word you may be missing

What is the one word you may be missing in your marketing?

Drum roll please. Did you guess the word “you?”

When crafting a client-facing message for your marketing materials or social media profiles, it’s so tempting to take the point of view that prospective clients want to know all about you.

They do. And they don’t. What they REALLY want to know is how you can solve their problem.

I know you are proud of what you do and you want to say things like “We are the best,” “We believe in service,” “We are award-winning.”

All good, but best to keep these to a minimum on your “About Us” page. It’s more important to begin your message with total empathy for the reader and what he or she is going through, what they need and how you can help them achieve their goals.

Bottom line: They want to know what you can do for them.

In your home page copy, identify their challenge, align with the client’s issues, let them know you have a solution and here are the steps you have created for them to take. Here is an example from Cultivate What Matters, a company that makes goal planners.

Feeling Scattered? You’re in the right place. We will help you know what goals and habits to focus on—and let go of the rest. You’ll live a life far beyond your to-do list.

Pretty effective, yes? I know I want to live a life beyond my to-do list! Where do I sign up?

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