Pivot: Finding New Scenery

image_01What would you start today if you knew you could not fail?

It’s still spring and yet in Los Angeles the unseasonably hot air is already thick with the scent of jasmine. The leaves on the trees have filled in and the days are becoming longer, more languid. As the seasons pass, we barely notice the subtle changes. We trust nature and its process. Even though we might not understand it all the time, the results are almost always beautiful.

And so it’s funny that we find it difficult to be that generous with the seasons and nature of our own lives. We work hard, trying to change, trying to be better, and trying to do more all the while never really noticing that nature doesn’t try. It just … does.

So there’s that word – try. What would you do today if you knew you couldn’t fail? What’s holding you back? Don’t just try. Stop and pivot. Take another direction. A shift in perception is sometimes all we need to realize we can do what we want, and we won’t fail. I know for myself, when I shift my thoughts and actions from trying to make something happen (which comes with all those messy expectations), and towards creating an intention, the results are always beautiful.

Like this website. If you are wondering what I’d start if I knew I couldn’t fail, this is it. Like all successful endeavors, it took a little help from my friends. I knew I couldn’t fail because of them. Thank you to my long-time collaborator in design, Lisa King, of Lisa King Designs for the look of this gorgeous site, and to the talented Michele King of King Creative Design for bringing it to life on the internet (a skill that is truly beyond my comprehension). It was a year in the making, but not because of them! I was afraid of letting go of my old identity – of going naked, stripping away anything that wasn’t needed — no Mecca, no off-site blog — until we were left with just Liese Gardner. As soon as I did let go and found my new, true voice, Lisa and Michele brought it all together in what felt to be a nanosecond. I trusted, pivoted, and am now facing a brilliant new direction with a fresh landscape and possibilities.

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