Are You Making the Most of Social Media Marketing?

social media marketing

Well hiya! Hey, we’re friends, right? And friends share secrets. I have a big one that I just can’t keep to myself anymore.

*Deep breath*

The majority of people I talk to who want to market their business more online, or create an online side hustle, or even build their audience for books and blogs, are still thinking of social media marketing as something that is not right for them.

Here’s what I hear a lot …

  •    I don’t see how social media marketing can help my business
  •     I just don’t have the time
  •     I can’t believe that people really want to know about me
  •     I don’t want to appear vain
  •     I’m not sure what to post or when

I’m here to tell you that social media is the best form of marketing there is right now, pure and simple.

And here’s the truth …

Social media marketing is just that — social. People are curious. We want to know what other people are doing and how they do it. Even the most basic things are of interest — your morning routine, how you balance your professional and personal life, what scheduling apps you use, how you get your kids to sleep.

By sharing these parts of your life and work, you create an audience — your audience — of fans who will love and listen to you. Most important, they will be there when you have something you really want them to hear, such a new service, blog, or book.

Are you making these mistakes?

1. Not being consistent. Posting once, then posting a slew of photos all at once, and then not posting again for another week.
2. Posting something that doesn’t fit into one of your “buckets,” be it personal or professional. What are buckets? Basically the 3-5 subjects that define are touch points for your readers — for me it would be marketing, brand strategies, social media tips, and my home and garden DIY projects.
3. Posting photos that are not up to par. There are just too many ways to make photos look great now (including hiring professionals when needed) not to take advantage of them!
4. Not using Instagram Stories to give followers a different insight into what you do and who you are.
5. Not using or understanding hashtags. Note: this is a biggie!
The answers are varied and many, but the good news is that they are all easy to fix! I’ve started a Facebook Group Therapy community just for these types of issues.
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