The Art of Sales: Renderings

the art of sales

the art of sales

Creative entrepreneurs sell the invisible every day using words, ideas, and passion. However, there are times when more is needed. Artist renderings tell the visual story. They literally become the art of sales.

“If it’s a job I really want, or the budget allows, I don’t think twice about getting one done,” Ryan Zynger of Zynger Events  said. Pauline Parry of Good Gracious! Events agreed. “It depends on the client, and the size of the project,” she said. When working with a rendering artist, both recommend using someone who shares your vision of design, as well as experience in the event industry, either as an event producer themselves, or someone that is familiar with what goes into an event.

That describes Chase Simonds, a rendering artist with whom Zynger and Parry have worked. Simonds has produced live graphics and branding for such prestigious live productions as the Oscars, Emmys, CMAs and the MTV Awards for more than a decade and still does. While doing so, he found a need a need for premium-quality event renderings and illustrations he could use to visualize events during the initial design and planning phases. He began to do them for his clients and, realizing others needed this too, he founded Event Renderings to produce life-like 3-D renderings and illustrations through graphic artistry.

“We use renderings when we are designing a vision with nothing to compare it to,” Parry said. “Putting that vision on paper gives the client and ourselves the guidance of how all the other elements come together. A rendering gives everyone a foundation from which to build.”

That was especially important when Parry was working with an international team on a weekend of award-winning events. Due to the distance between her base of operations in Los Angeles and the events in British Columbia, Canada, she wanted to ensure that the team understood her vision. Simonds created this rendering within days. The actual event is pictured below it.

the art of sales

As co-producers of The Special Event Wedding Event this year, Parry and Zynger called on Simonds together to create renderings for the three different areas of the event. This time, the objective was to convey to 45 different creative partners their overall vision. While strict details weren’t needed in order to allow for creativity and flexibility on the team’s part, it’s astonishing how close the rendering got to the real event.

the art of sales

the art of salesthe art of sales

the art of salesWhile conveying our own dreams is difficult enough, turning a client’s vision into reality is even harder. As the art of sales, “Renderings speak 1,000 words and more,” Parry concludes.

Photos, top to bottom: Steve Smith, CAPA Productions, Chris Schmitt Photography | Julie Anne Wedding Photographer

Renderings: Event Renderings

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