Three Words that Could Change Your Life

three words that could change your life

If I were to tell you that there are three words that could change your life, would you want to know what they are? What if I told you that you already know them?

In his book High Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard tells about a time when he had to get very conscious and focused to create change in his life. Being a big one for habits, he created one for himself, and for the change he wanted to make.

He selected and committed to three words that defined the trait of who he wanted to be. He reflected on them daily. By doing this, he writes, he enacted those traits into his life.

So often we hear things like this and it sounds good, and then we go on and forget to actually take action on it. To make sure I remembered my words each day I set my phone alarm and titled it with the words. Each day, when the alarm went off I took five minutes to think about the words I had chosen and to reflect – what had a done that day to step into those words? What more could I do?

When I set my words for the first time a couple years ago, I wanted to make some big changes. I felt silly in the beginning, and a little big headed. Who was I to want to be a leader, expert and educator? But little by little, I got used to seeing myself that way. It became more natural to step into that role.

Try not to choose words the define who you are now, or that are an occupation that will take years of schooling and training to achieve, such as astronaut. Instead, pick words that are traits you can step into in the next quarter, or year. They could be personal or professional, someone you want to become in order to accomplish what you want. And if you do want to be an astronaut – first – how cool is that? Second, choose words that would help you achieve that goal such as focused, driven and fearless.

And it’s OK to change your words. I changed mine to contributor, supportive and brave. These resonated more during this past year in which I made a conscious decision to stay intentionally connected online, even if it makes me feel vulnerable. Whew…that was a little scary to say. But that’s what Brand Therapy is all about!

Two Brand Therapy Tips …

1. One more thing on the power of words … Just Because
This week on Marketing Profs, Nancy Harhut explains how the word “because” is an automatic trigger for compliance. (Remember your parents answering your many questions with “Just Because”?!) When “because” is slipped into an explanation, your brain automatically assumes a more positive posture and you’re more inclined to do the thing that’s being asked.

2. A tip for personal branding on Clubhouse … words matter
Are you on Clubhouse? It’s the popular new audio app. Fill in your profile once you are on the platform paying careful attention to those first two lines. That is what people see when they view your profile before clicking on “full profile.” It’s the best way for people to know who you are when you are in a room. Once you have your profile uploaded, explore the rooms. There is a lot of “filler,” but there are a lot of deep conversations too.

three words that will change your life3. A very cool effect … because sometimes there are no words!
Linkedin is not where I expected to see something breakout cool, but scrolling through I found this fun effect by Breakout Clips. You ave to see it in action so please click on the link to see the video and how it literally is outside the box.

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