Unlikely Heroes

unlikely heroes

Unlikely heroes are only a step away. This little kitchen stepping stool is one of my unlikely heroes.

Over the years, its only purpose has been to support me with zero expectations. It was there when I needed to change a light bulb. When I needed to get the brown sugar from the top shelf. And yes, it even did double duty as a ladder when I had to plaster a spot in the ceiling, as you can see from the plops of plaster it took in the call of duty. Of course, I have a ladder. But the stool was simply, well, there. Sometimes being handy is as mighty as being tall.

I was “gifted” this step stool from the previous owners of the house I bought 21 years ago. I found it standing all alone in a semi-derelict kitchen, left behind in the mad rush of the owners to leave. It seemed defiant, maybe mad to be left behind, yet confident of its worth. I know I’m going full anthropomorphic here, but there was something about this kitchen stool’s plucky lone stance that implored me to keep it.

Now I can’t seem to part with it. Every time I look at it I see more than function. I see the beauty in its humble design, it’s aging rubber steps and its splattered countenance.

The more we know something, or someone, the more they change in our eyes. Just as places become more beautiful when a memory is attached so do ordinary objects. If this stool were a person, I know I’d respect it for its stoicism, grace and helpfulness.

For me, taking a cue from this yellow kitchen stool and always considering how I might be of help to friends, family and clients is a step in the right direction.

Brand Therapy Tips
Or, How You Can Be a Yellow Step Stool in Business

To be interesting, be interested
Listen and care. Focus your attention on the other person. Early in my journalism career I learned to ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. When we do this, even if we never divulge anything about ourselves, that person will remember us as smart and interesting.

Know Me. Anticipate My needs
Who are your customers? What are their hopes and fears? What do they need? What’s getting in their way? Support your clients. Be the kitchen stool and give them a leg up.

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