Weekend Inspiration #12: Letting Go

weekend inspiration

weekend inspiration

“Denim blue, fading up to the sky. And although we want them to last forever, we know they never will. And the patches make the goodbye harder still.” I can’t help but recall these song lyrics by Cat Stevens every time I have to say goodbye to a denim jacket, or make a pair of my favorite jeans into shorts!

And yet, a key to happiness in life is being able to acknowledge that which has served us well, that which serves us no more, and then to let go of all that holds us back from who we are and what we want.

The yogic concept of aparigraha — which means non-possessiveness — has been a guiding force for me this year. Yogis also refer to it as non-greediness. Greed is certainly a negative word, yet yogis use it in a very different way. In this respect, we might be deemed “greedy” to want to be the best, or take the next step in life too soon.

For myself, being a Type A, I know I sometimes ask too much of myself. In terms of yoga, this might mean pushing myself into a pose I’m not ready or meant to do. It might mean rushing through the day so fast that I miss those small moments that matter. It could even apply to business when I take on more work because it sounds like fun or I just can’t say no. When I catch myself in all these moments, I remember the goal is not to keep pushing, but to find contentment with the pose, the work at hand, and the moment. It’s not easy!

So, what gives? I call this post Weekend Inspiration, and yet I’ve been talking about a concept that sounds like hard work?! The point is this: As our lives speed up, I find everyone seriously looking for contentment and happiness. Perhaps the answer is as simple as those soft patches on our blue jeans. They are there because we loved those jeans, day in and day out, no matter what. I suggest that the weekend can inspire us to simply let go; to give that same type of love and devotion to ourselves, no matter what … and that the feeling fades not up to the sky but into our daily lives.

Photo: Lee jacket by www.long-john.nl

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