White Wine and Organic Radishes

white wine

Even I — the queen of esoteric, totally non SEO’d headlines — have to admit, that White Wine and Organic Radishes is pretty much out there!

But it will all make sense when I explain how two random searches brought two friends back together, along with a renewed sense of purpose.

organic radishes

It began with a trip to the market. I was at one I don’t usually go to, looking for a particular white wine for a dinner party. I heard someone call my name and was happy to see an old friend, or, more elegantly, “dear friend.” She was there looking for organic radishes.

We found neither, but we did find our friendship again. We happily fell into talking about each other’s new projects and our talk shed new inspiration and light on both.

Which brings me to my new purpose

Working with a variety of top brands over the past 18 years — nurturing, crafting and promoting their stories through a variety of media and techniques — I’ve discovered that like people, each company has a very distinct personality and set of psychological issues.

And yet, marketing challenges have a common thread.

We start out with a passion for what we do. Along the way business happens, things change, ways are lost, ways are found. While younger companies are more agile, willing to change direction or embrace new ideas quickly, I’ve found my more seasoned clients have a harder time pivoting or getting out of a rut. For them, I’ve found that brand therapy really works.

Brand Therapy addresses what it is that blocks us from positive change.

  • What is in the way of achieving new goals?
  • When and how do we pivot?
  • How do we relearn to focus on what matters?

As in personal therapy sessions, brand therapy is much the same — we dig in to find the root of our marketing and business challenges with the intent to reignite our happiness and passion.

I’ll be writing about this a lot in the coming months and am putting together a very small, free trial workshop about brand therapy in Los Angeles June. The response has been great and I have only a few spaces now left. Send me a note if you’d like to grab them.

With gratitude, white wine, and radishes,

organic radishes

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