How to Write Sales Copy that is Not Salesy

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When it comes to how to write sales copy, marketers talk about starting by finding your buyer’s pain point. This refers to the issue, challenge or problem that might be keeping that person awake at night. The question for you is how you can help them get a good night’s sleep with your offerings.

These are metaphoric pain points of course, but last month I had a very real pain point in my knee and found myself the perfect example of how powerful copy writing can make a sale without being salesy.

First, I took a deep dive on the internet and learned as much as I could about my condition. I saw an orthopedic specialist who took X-rays and confirmed that I had a very common, but very painful condition brought on by my workouts. He suggested a shot, a quick fix for the pain.

But more than a quick fix, I also wanted to find a way to get to the root of the issue so I can (hopefully) avoid more dire consequences later. One of my friends in sports medicine reminded me of Victory Performance. I had gone to them a long time ago (pre-pandemic) for a massage. I wasn’t sure if they could help me but I was willing to take another look.

Funny, this time I read their web site with fresh eyes, not as someone looking for a massage, but looking for answers that would help long term. The very first message on the site was a powerful example of copy writing done right. It targeted their buyer, named the issue, addressed that person’s challenge with empathy and used a confident, non-salesy voice that named that person’s goals. After that, throughout the site, they answered how they would help the buyer achieve those goals.

Here’s how.

In the very first message on the site (below) they offer the perfect example of how to pinpoint your niche, speak directly to them, and call out that person’s ultimate desire.

Reading this, I felt totally seen.

They told me they have an answer. Then they told me they have their own method.
Note: If you can find a formula or method, or steps for your service, all the better!

In their blogs, they offered the perfect answer to that other pain point. Yep, they went there, to that often taboo subject — cost.

Sold! I confidently made my appointment and have been working with them now with great success.


  • Picture your buyer. Zoom in on them with a telephoto lens!
  • What hell are they in?
  • What hope does your product or service offer them for a way out?
  • Speak to them directly with empathy for their challenge and an understanding of their ultimate goal.
  • Let them know in three-to-five bullet points how your product or service can resolve their pain.

Don’t over complicate it. Do you believe your product or service helps people? Of course you do. Just say how.


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