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Your story deserves to be told! I develop and craft powerful online and media strategies for creative entrepreneurs.

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Content Marketing Strategy
Work With Passion. Live With Focus.

Passion is where it all begins and ends. It’s why we became creative entrepreneurs, why we are driven to create great beauty and work, and why we continue to search for new ways to connect, to tell our stories, and to be heard. I’ve been incorporating content marketing strategy as part of their overall marketing for creative companies large and small since 1999.  My goal is to shine the light brightly on what you do either to refuel your passion or illuminate a new path using the communication and content marketing techniques I’ve culled from many successful brand strategy campaigns and collaborations.

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Grow your business through brand strategy and content marketing that is proven to put the focus on you and your ideal client. I believe that there is no magic to marketing … just creative strategy and action. Here are some ways we can work together to make it happen.

  • Brand Therapy Sessions and Brand Sprints
  • Public Relations — Targeted Media Outreach
  • Social Media Management – Engagement and Growth
  • Content Marketing Creation – Story Telling that Connects
  • Community Outreach – Connecting to Your Audience
content Marketing Strategy

Trained as a journalist, I was taught to never be the story, never use the word “I,” and never have an opinion when interviewing people or when writing a story. Then, social media came along and all those rules went out the window!

While devotion to crafting an exciting story remained, it was now infused with fresh ideas for content marketing strategy, connecting with an audience, and telling a new story entered via that same open window. It was a time of rediscovery as we began to shape and tell our own stories. On my  blog, I tell my own story as a creative entrepreneur growing and building my brand. But my favorite stories are those of about community, being ignited by our shared passions for business; how our brand strategy, content marketing and social media management are done heart and empathy. So, take a minute, check out the blog and enjoy some tender loving care for yourself and your brand!

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